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According to § 15 Insurance Mediation Ordinance - VersVermV

Team Shevsache GmbH

Financing and financial advice

Gartenstrasse 27

61352 Bad Homburg

Tel: +49 (069) 24747849
Fax: + 49 (032) 221 090 832

Mobile: +49 (0176) 96518655




Permitted and also actively practiced activities

We are insurance brokers with a business license according to § 34d paragraph 1 of the trade regulations and are registered with the competent authority IHK Frankfurt. We offer our customers advice and brokerage of insurance contracts without being tied to a specific insurance company. This significantly increases your chances of getting the most suitable insurance contract for you based on objective criteria! However, we are not independent in our work, but partisan - always for our customers.

Statutory plain text (quote § 59 para. 3 VVG): Insurance brokers within the meaning of this law are those who take on the brokerage or conclusion of insurance contracts on a commercial basis for the client (i.e. for you!) without being entrusted with this by an insurer or an insurance agent be".

Our second actively practiced passion: real estate loan broker with a permit according to § 34i paragraph 1 sentence 1 of the trade regulations. Here, too, we act purely in the interests of our customers. Thanks to the independent but binding cooperation with numerous local and national financial institutions, we are able to work out the best possible financing for your property for our customers.

advice and remuneration

Working as an insurance broker with a business license according to Section 34d

Unless otherwise agreed, we receive remuneration from the insurer (brokerage or commission) for arranging and/or managing insurance contracts, which is already included in the insurance premium to be paid. This also covers the service expected and provided by us. If you do not conclude anything and/or do not transfer any insurance contracts to us for support, we will not earn anything despite the consulting service provided. Let us advise you and close somewhere else with the knowledge you have gained, and we don't earn anything either. If you withdraw our mandate (even without supervision by sorting your insurance policies online or in an app, supposedly free of charge), then we won’t earn anything anymore either. There is therefore a very simple rule in our company: There are only full mandates - all or nothing.

Full mandate means that we take care of all your insurance contracts (total number is irrelevant). Of course, you don't have to take out everything with us, just what makes sense and what you can/want to afford. However, we will be your single point of contact for all insurance matters. This is the only way we can ensure good service for all of our customers over the long term. Win-win situation.

For us, customer means “business partner at eye level, with whom we are on the same wavelength”. So don't be angry with us if a collaboration doesn't work out. In our many years of professional practice, we have found that business relationships without equal footing will sooner or later fail. That is why we try to prevent this by explicitly addressing this point before we start working together.

Our cooperation begins with the signing of the so-called MAK documents. These are in detail:

  • Brokerage contract (regulates the business relationship internally)

  • Broker power of attorney (regulates representation in external relations)

  • Data protection declaration (regulates the use/application of your data)

Unfortunately, cooperation is not possible without these documents.

If it turns out in the course of working together that we don't really fit together, you can easily terminate the contract with a month's notice or without notice for an important reason. The brokerage contract is then terminated and the brokerage authority is deemed to have been revoked. We will inform the respective insurance company of this so that you can look for another intermediary/supervisor. The insurance contracts and the insurance cover remain in place, of course. Both parties have the right to cancel!

Activity as a real estate loan broker with a permit according to § 34i paragraph 1 sentence 1 of the trade regulations

Unless otherwise agreed, we receive payment from the lender (brokerage or commission) for arranging real estate loans, which is already included in the effective interest rate to be paid. This commission covers both the mediation of a suitable loan and the support until the final repayment! In doing so, we enter into a very long-term business relationship with the customer, which usually results in a full mandate as described above.

supervisory authorities and arbitration boards

Insurance broker with permission according to § 34d Abs. 1 GewO

Registration number: D-DMBK-3BJ4F-87


Responsible registration authority:

IHK Frankfurt am Main

Stock exchange 4

60313 Frankfurt am Main


Telephone: 069 2197-1280

Fax: 069 2197-1548




Real estate loan broker with a license requirement according to Section 34i (1) sentence 1 GewO

Registration number: DW-125-Q3SU-94


Responsible licensing authority:

City of Frankfurt am Main, regulatory office, Kleyer Str. 86, 60326 Frankfurt am Main

The entry can be checked at the following registry office:

German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) eV

29 Broad Street

10178 Berlin


Telephone: 0180 6005850 (landline price €0.20/call; mobile phone price maximum €0.60/call)



arbitration boards

There are independent arbitration boards for any disputes between customers and insurance intermediaries, which can be reached under the following contact details:


Insurance Ombudsman eV

PO Box 080632

10006 Berlin


Telephone: +49 30 20 60 58 – 0

Fax: +49 30 20 60 58 – 58




Ombudsman for private health and long-term care insurance

PO Box 060222

10052 Berlin


Phone: 01802 - 55 04 44 (6 cents/call from a German landline, maximum 42 cents/min from mobile networks)

Fax: 030 – 20 45 89 31



professional regulations

§ 34d paragraph 1, § 34i paragraph 1 sentence 1 GewO, § 34f paragraph 1 sentence 1 number 1, number 2 and number 3 GewO and §34c GewO, VVG, VersVermV, FinVermV


The professional regulations can be viewed and accessed via the website operated by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Juris GmbH.



The insurance intermediary does not directly or indirectly hold more than 10% of the voting rights or capital in an insurance company.

How to reach us:

Gartenstrasse 27, 61352 Bad Homburg

Landline: + 49 69 247 47 849

WhatsApp: + 49 176 965 18 655

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