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 Grant your health
the best medical care! 

The Axis Group

As independent advice on all aspects of private health insurance, we do not work for an insurance company, but exclusively for you.

We help you to find the right protection for your most valuable possession - your health!

As part of independent advice, you will receive all the necessary information and historical as well as current market comparisons from us. We respond to your individual wishes, explain the background to you and help you to find the insurer and the tarif that suits you best. 

We help you to make an informed and well-founded decision, whether to switch to a private health system and which tariff would ne best for you.

Being insured with private health insurance is something exclusive for most people - and we share this opinion 100%.

But can and do you want to leave the supposedly safe haven of statutory health insurance and switch to private health insurance?

Our advice includes objective support when considering whether it makes sense to switch to private health insurance.

In doing so, we also address strategic issues - such as the possibility of later switching to statutory health insurancesupplementary insurance for children, handling during parental leave or retirement etc.

Nothing is as constant as a change - this also applies to the tariffs of private health insurance. They change and evolve.

We support our customers in checking whether they are still optimally insured in their private health insurance tariff and, if necessary, adjust the tariff or benefits.

It does not always make sense to change a company. More than 70% of the optimizations in our customer base are carried out at the existing company, which means that the customer retains the advantages (retirement provisions, entry bonus, etc.) accumulated over the years.

But sometimes there is no way around changing insurance companies.

In such cases we are competent partners and accompany our customers with confidence in this complex process.

How to reach us:

Gartenstrasse 27, 61352 Bad Homburg

Landline: + 49 69 247 47 849

WhatsApp: + 49 176 965 18 655

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