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 All our passion
and competence for the success of the customer 

The Axis Group

We are your partner for long-term personal financial planning.

We are your competent and trustworthy partner in all matters relating to financing and financial planning .

Our actions are characterized by objectivity, professionalism and a specialized customer orientation.

In this way, we offer you noticeable added value in an environment that is becoming increasingly complex. 

We help discerning customers to achieve their financial goals safely - in all phases of life.

We have many years of experience in working with private and corporate customers.

You as a customer are our priority with your goals, wishes and dreams.

With our tailor-made advice, we can fulfill this for you - and show you new possibilities and opportunities. Independence and security are the values that will lead us to your success. 

Sustainable, independent, transparent and individual. These are the criteria of our work.

long term. We accompany our customers in all financial changes that bring new phases of life with them.

Whether you are starting your career, starting or expanding your family, buying real estate or the Retirement planning – our long-term personal financial planning ensures that your wishes and goals are always fulfilled.


Independent and transparent. We select suitable financial institutions and insurance companies with respective solutions based on independent and professional decision criteria.

We justify our selection in a transparent and comprehensible manner in discussions with our customers - so you always have a reason to feel that you have the best available solution implemented!


Individually. The customer is at the center of the consultation! We don't have a "template" that we use to give the same standard tips over and over again.

You will receive a tailor-made, individual solution from us, which we would implement ourselves in your situation.

Our structured, multi-stage advisory process ensures consistently high quality in financing and financial planning

Our consulting process initially consists of a detailed analysis of your current situation and your goals.

You will be followed through the planning phase, in which we will put together your optimal concept and make recommendations to achieve your financial goal as quickly as possible.

In the realization phase, we implement the financing or financial solutions determined in the planning phase step by step. Through control and personal support, we ensure that the specifications from the developed concept are always adhered to.


Nataliya Shevchenko:
The founder and managing director introduce themselves.

I am originally from the Ukraine and came to Germany in 1999 as a student. In 2004 I successfully completed my studies in business administration (focus on finance) at the Goethe University in Frankfurt and started my career in the financial sector.

A little later I met the requirements for the CFA charterholder, a very coveted title in the financial industry. So that I don't get bored when I "just" work, I also did my Executive MBA at the Essec & Mannheim Business School in 2012.

I am an absolute finance expert with more than 15 years of practical experience.

During this time, I have worked with many demanding private and commercial customers and dealt intensively with their needs, but also with the challenges of financial planning. This has resulted in a unique combination of know-how in the areas of financing, health care and wealth planning, which is very successful in providing holistic financial advice and long-term customer care.


It is my passion to offer you the best services and to guide you through the different phases of your financial planning.

Our team


Nataliya Shevchenko

Management, customer service and sales


Kate Sharah

Customer care and sales

Design ohne Titel.png

Evvy Hain

Customer care and claims service

Design ohne Titel (1).png

Lisa Kastalio

Customer service, marketing and sales

Design ohne Titel (2).png

Frederike Gottschak

Administrative Specialist and Financial Accounting

How to contact us:

Gartenstrasse 27, 61352 Bad Homburg

Landline: + 49 69 247 47 849

WhatsApp: + 49 176 965 18 655

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