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  • Are there any costs for me if I work with You?
    No, all insurers have included a brokerage fee for the advisor in their premiums. For You, this means that You pay exactly the same premiums with us as with the health insurer directly. With us, You have someone at Your side who thinks in Your interests and ensures that You find an insurer with stable premiums, receive very good conditions and get quick access to the best doctors.
  • Nataliya, sometimes you write "I", sometimes "we". Which is correct?
    Good point! Both are correct. I - as a consulting expert, my team - as an important support and guarantee for first-class service.
  • What happens to my data?
    Your data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be used to process your request. No data will be sold, as is the case on most comparison platforms on the Internet.
  • Can you also manage third-party contracts?
    Yes, we can take over the contracts of most companies on the market in our portfolio and actively manage them for You. Special advantage for You: All contracts are digitalized and You can find them in your personal insurance folder (via "My Finance app").
  • How can I be sure that I won't be offered the solution with the highest commission?
    The commission offered by the various companies is almost the same and only differs in nuances. What's more, You choose your solution, not me. I usually offer You at least three solutions for a particular line of business and show You the advantages and disadvantages.
  • To what extent are You independent as a financial advisor/insurance broker?
    Team Shevsache GmbH is completely independent of insurance companies, banks or investment products. There is no company or person behind us that could "pressure" us to fulfill certain goals.
  • Do You work with all insurance companies and banks?
    No, a few companies work exclusively with affiliated brokers or insurance agents.
  • What documents should I bring to the first appointment?
    That depends on the topic on which You would like a consultation. We usually discuss this at our first appointment. Or You will receive a short message from me before the appointment about which documents/information You could provide me with in advance.
  • Muss ich aus einer bestimmten Region kommen, um Kunde/Kundin bei Dir zu werden?
    As I work throughout Germany, there are no restrictions in terms of Your location.

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